The introduction of Ariayi Steel Tower Factories Group

In 1389, Ariayi Steel Tower Company (AST) has started its activities with 50 employees, in an area of 17,000 square meters and 4,000 square meters of indoor space. Shortly after that, by increasing its power, it could launch and continue its activities in two other phases in Toos Industrial Estate of Mashhad and Machinery Industrial Estate.

Based on the agreed basic principles, the nominal capacity of this complex was 5000 tons per year. After 1 year, this capacity has reached more than 1000 tons per month. In the other words, the annual production capacity of the complex has reached 15,000 tons per year.

Due to the presence of specialists and technical manpower as the fundamental and main elements of the manufacturing and industrial units, this group has been able to satisfy the employers and customers’ needs with its structural designing and technical calculations using the most advanced software and the latest version of the regulations in the world. Always keep pace with the world reference standards such as ASME, ASNT, API, ASTM and AWS.

Given the importance of welding standards and immunization in the fabrication of steel structures, the complex has created its own quality control department shortly after the commissioning of the plant. This department has been equipped with non-destructive testing tools. The technical specialists having the certification of quality control and non-destructive testing are employed in this section. Following the creation of this unit, all non-destructive tests of VT, UT, PT, MT, DIM- RT were done on the pieces.  A place was dedicated to the deployment of observers residing in welding inspection companies in order to improve the quality of manufactured components at ASNT standards level by interacting with the quality control department and the supervisors selected by employer.

Ariayi Steel Tower Company (Ariayi Steel)

This company which is the second manufacturing unit of Ariayi Steel Tower Factories Group has started its activities in manufacturing the steel structures and rebar in Tech Industrial Estate in 1392.  At the moment, it produces the ribbed rebar of 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25. In addition to providing the needs of its steel structures fabrication unit, it provides part of the market needs in Khorasan Razavi, Northern Khorasan, Southern Khorasan and neighboring countries as well. Since 1393, due to the growth of the industry and the future prospects of the country, it has been able to provide part of the needs of the construction market in the country, especially the south of Iran.

Technical and Engineering Unit

In this company, the technical and engineering unit performs the tasks in two stages. In the initial stage before the conclusion of the contract or, in other words, the initial consultation, employers refer to this complex and provide information about the area, the location and the type of project usage to the Technical Office to become familiar with different aspects of investing in this area and the best type of manufacturing according to their requirements. The employer can decide easier using this consultation. In the second stage, after making the decision by the employer and concluding the contract, the technical and engineering unit calculates the structure through the To determination of the type of the land use and the required infrastructure. This unit uses ETABS, SAP2000 and SAFE Software. After this stage, the complete project’s maps are sent to the employer. After the final review by consultant and project calculation, the possible changes will be applied. Otherwise, the final confirmation will be announced to the factory to send the maps to the Technical Office.

production unit

The production processes include cutting, beveling, belt making, assembling, welding, drilling, threading, rod making, machining, sandblasting, painting, packaging and transporting. The complex production unit is equipped with 3-meter and 6-meter guillotines, beveling machine, plasma cutting, electric cutting, rectifier, MIG & MAG welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, radial drills, scraping machine, rolling machine, automatic threading machine, punch press Z, sandblasting machine, painting machine of airless T and 5-ton, 10-ton and 20-ton forklifts

Installation unit

The unit consists of the most experienced engineers and installation technicians. Due to the different circumstances of workshops, this unit always has the surveyor team and evacuation team. Depending on the type of structures’ connection (Bolts and welds), it deploys its manpower in the installation workshop. The installation unit is equipped with MIG& MAG rectifiers, impact, torque-meter, lifting jack and lifter. In the shortest possible time with the highest quality, the installation process is done. After completing the installation and delivering it to the resident observers, all of the joints are painted.

Sample projects

Enjoying the experts and experienced engineers and having an open industrial perspective, Ariayi Steel Tower Company has completed major projects not only in Iran but also in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Iraq. This foreign exchange brings about brighter horizons for this complex. It is hoped to have further cooperation with construction investors and experts inside and outside the country as a small but influential member in the industry.